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My background is highly diversified, but has one unifying element: my passion for what I do. My two souls are enshrined in the qualifications of translator and Feldenkrais Method practitioner.

Training and experience as a translator: I graduated in Interpreting and Translation from the UNINT University in Rome in 2014. I specialised in English and Spanish. Consequently, I specialised in legal, medical and biology, IT, editorial and audiovisual translation.

As for the fascinating Feldenkrais Method, I teach classes in Awareness Through Movement (ATM®) classes and also Functional Integrations (FI®). I will guide you to help you improve your connection with your body, movements and your mind.

On my website, you will find many insights into some of the work I do most frequently.

If you are looking for more information about my professional training, classes and any proposals for professional collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact details you will find at the bottom of my website.


My academic and professional path, as mentioned above, has in common a great passion for specific and useful topics related to the world around me.

I specialised in legal translation, a path born during the “legal module” of the English-Italian translation exam. Right from the start I was very interested in legal language, which is so complex and yet so fascinating. Could it be a coincidence that – before enrolling at UNINT – I was almost went to Law school? I therefore decided to dedicate part of my professional life to the legal texts and to legal translation services.

My great passion for this profession has led me to acquire numerous skills in other fields as well, such as:

Audiovisual translation

The translation of a TV series or a film is not as simple as it may seem, it is not just a matter of translating lines, but of passing on to viewers the entire culture from which it comes. My experience in this field is indispensable for providing a high-quality final product.

Data security and GDPR related texts

When it comes to security and regulations, the translator is required to report correctly every single rule contained in the original text, taking care not to misunderstand concepts. My experience in this field allows me to deal with topics that are more “rigid” with extreme professionalism.

Corporate texts and courses

Often it is necessary to follow courses and video courses provided by external sources in order to keep in-house staff up to date. Thanks to my specialisation in translations and my attention to detail, I am able to provide faithfully translated, high quality content.

Medical texts

In the course of my training as a translator, I have often approached medical language, mainly translating case studies, manuals for medical equipment, popular science documents, oncology texts, but also texts on informed consent for patients and pharmaceutical leaflets.

By nature, I have a keen interest in constant updating and continuous training (a fundamental aspect especially in the world of translations).

For further information, please contact me via the form on the website.